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When and How to Post on TikTok

According to the HubSpot blog research, with all the traffic that TikTok has been driving and the immense exposure it’s been blessing brands and content creators with, 93% of marketers that already have their claws into the platform plan on moving forward with investing in it in 2022, and 52% plan on increasing their investments for the year as well.  However, creating an account and posting random content at random times is a no-no, and will surely get you nowhere in your marketing game. This is why, it is important to know when to post in order to drive the...


Shocking Facts about TikTok UGC Ads you Would Want to Know

Short videos, unlimited trends, catchy ads and addictive-quality content; this is what TikTok is all about. In fact, this platform has gained popularity by providing the viewers with the content they would like to see, with the help of its genius algorithm, which plays an important role in increasing its popularity. However, have you ever thought about what really works on TikTok and what doesn't? Here are some key findings that will help you with your marketing strategy. Key Findings As expected, user-generated TikTok videos have been outperforming Facebook and IG ads. In numbers, these videos recorded 22% higher than...


Tiktok’s New Lead Generation Feature: A Happy Ending to Your Business Nightmares

If you think that Tiktok has done enough, then think again. Lead generators, this one's for you! The platform’s lead generation feature has taken businesses, such as real estate companies, insurance companies, etc…,  that depend on this strategy to new heights. In fact, this new feature is the most useful of them all, and it allows you to boost your lead generation campaigns remarkably if you play your cards right. What Is TikTok’s Lead Generation Feature? It is an advertising feature that pushes your target customers to share their most relevant information (name, email, and gender, etc…) while staying on...



UGC SHOP is proud to announce its partnership with Green Future Project, a platform that bridges brands to the best climate solutions and gives you the tools you need to help achieve the ultimate goal: reverse the effects of climate change, while preserving the planet for both current and future generations. In other words, GFP is an innovative platform that allows you to track, trace, and visualize your impact in real-time; the interactive dashboard bridges you to the world’s best climate solutions through a gamified experience where you can learn and engage with the projects you support. GFP’s projects tackle...


5 Must-Haves Every Content Creator Needs

Being a content creator is a full-time job that not only requires long hours of brainstorming, effort and creativity, but it also comes with the hassle of buying the right equipment to shoot some cool content. However, purchasing the tools that you truly need to deliver content of high quality is not as easy as it sounds.  Luckily, we have an outstanding community of content creators who were happy to share their favourite tools that always come in handy. 1- Camera The real deal! There is no content without a camera, or nowadays, a phone. Truth be told, buying a...