UGC and E-commerce: Two Peas in a Pod

Online shopping is not ideal because it is definitely hard to buy a product without seeing it in real life. Why? The answer is simple: deceiving quality, size and even shape, colour and texture.

However, e-commerce store owners are expected to build a trustworthy relationship with their customers that creates a sense of tangible products. This is usually done through customer reviews and opinions that provide the customers with all the information they need to purchase a product.

That being said, this is where UGC kicks in! UGC ads have been on the rise for quite a while now because they obviously CONVERT!

They show you how the product is ACTUALLY delivered to your house, what the packaging looks like, and most importantly, they explain the perks and benefits of the product in a clear and concise way… And this is everything you need to convince your potential customer to go for it!

Here are three ways that you can make use of UGC to scale your business:

1- Build genuine relationships with your customers

Customer reviews and pictures are extremely important, for not only they increase brand awareness, but they help other potential customers build confidence in the brand.

All you have to do is include UGC in your e-commerce store with relatable and authentic, and rest assured that all your customers’ questions that may keep them from buying will be answered.

2- Create successful ads

As you might know, ads are an easy way to increase your social presence and influence shoppers while they are not actively shopping.

Now imagine running ads that include genuine customer reviews and photos! This will definitely create a relatable and trustable brand image, leaving you with a strong and solid brand awareness.


3- Increase traffic to your website

It goes without saying that when shoppers see customer reviews while searching, it directly takes your product to another level, pushing them to check out your website.Β 

This is why, incorporating UGC in paid and organic search engine marketing activities makes it extremely tempting for customers to click through, which will definitely drive more traffic to your site.


In conclusion, satisfied customers are a leverage that every brand can and must use to drive more sales. Now that you know all about it, reach out to us for some kick-ass UGC ads and watch them convert into mind-blowing sales!