Tiktok’s New Lead Generation Feature: A Happy Ending to Your Business Nightmares

If you think that Tiktok has done enough, then think again. Lead generators, this one's for you!

The platform’s lead generation feature has taken businesses, such as real estate companies, insurance companies, etc…,  that depend on this strategy to new heights. In fact, this new feature is the most useful of them all, and it allows you to boost your lead generation campaigns remarkably if you play your cards right.

What Is TikTok’s Lead Generation Feature?

It is an advertising feature that pushes your target customers to share their most relevant information (name, email, and gender, etc…) while staying on the app.

The feature starts with a video, however, expect a call to action button (CTA) at the end that will direct you to the form.

The potential customers will then be able to fill out more detailed information, all tailored to your brand or campaigns. 

Another cool add-on is that they can schedule calls with you, and they then get a “Thank You” page featuring a CTA that directs them to your website or an app download page. 

It is important to note that all the information you get from the leads is stored on TikTok; it can be downloaded at any time or integrated into your CRM.

How does TikTok lead generation grow your business?

1- Efficiency

This feature made it all simple: businesses are able to set up their campaign very easily, and they can preview it before launching as well. So, just forget about the slow-loading external pages. 

As for the users, they get trendy and engaging ads and a fast form-filling process without having to leave the platform.

2- Customization

You will be able to customize your content, from the ad itself, to the information you would like to include and even the CTAs and where they direct the user to. 

3- Easy Information Processing

As mentioned above, the collected information can be easily accessed and downloaded. This will definitely accelerate your conversion process.

4- Mobile and Video Opportunities

This new feature gives you the opportunity to make use of all of Tiktok’s advantages.

A video precedes the information form to an audience that gets on the platform, all excited and ready to check out videos. Genius!

5- Audience

Needless to say, the collected information gives you the ultimate chance to know and build your audience.

Not only does this feature turn your potential customers into sale conversions, but it also helps you streamline future ads and create more precise ones for future targeting.


Now that you know more about TikTok’s brilliant new feature and what it offers, we advise you to give it a try as it will help you grow your business in many ways. However, keep in mind that you need good creatives to run Tiktok Lead gen ads, and this is what we’re here for. So make sure to take a look at our TikTok package available on our website. And in the meantime, stay tuned for more blog posts on this growing platform and check out our website for some amazing TikTok packages!