Shocking Facts about TikTok UGC Ads you Would Want to Know

Short videos, unlimited trends, catchy ads and addictive-quality content; this is what TikTok is all about.

In fact, this platform has gained popularity by providing the viewers with the content they would like to see, with the help of its genius algorithm, which plays an important role in increasing its popularity.

However, have you ever thought about what really works on TikTok and what doesn't? Here are some key findings that will help you with your marketing strategy.

Key Findings

  • As expected, user-generated TikTok videos have been outperforming Facebook and IG ads. In numbers, these videos recorded 22% higher than TikTok brand videos, 32% higher than Facebook ads, and 46% higher than conventional ads.
  • UGC TikTok videos are able to trigger the potential customer’s emotions 22% more than TikTok brands. Also, TikTok UGC videos are 4.7 times more effective than Facebook ads and 10 times more than conventional ones.
  • Customers were interested and rarely ever distracted when watching the first few seconds of TikTok videos, while many hardly made it to the 15th second on Facebook ads.
  • There are tools native to TikTok that makes storytelling a huge hit:

 - Duets
- Comment Response
- Green screen & narration
- Sketch comedy (most powerful)
- Transition video: using edits and cuts. The transitions make lots of heavy lifting in storytelling.
- DIY/ hack/ tutorial
- Performance
  • The Successful TikTok Checklist is a thing:
- Be real
- Always add music/ audio
- Celebrate diversity
- Inspire co-creation

  • CommunityToks are extremely important:
-Seek relevant communities to engage consumers
- Connect with new and existing audiences more authentically
- Find your communityTok and become a member



Suggestions for Brands

  • Creating authentic and genuine content: one way to do it is through storytelling principles from popular user-generated TikTok videos as well as taking on new trends to engage with creators and other active users.
  • Continuously engaging with brands: commenting and re-posting is a must, and experimenting to find what type of campaigns will be successful in reaching your customers and encouraging user-generated TikTok videos is extremely important too!
  • Rethinking your identity across channels: knowing that TikTok is a more spontaneous and genuine platform, it could be time for you to get rid of those conventional boring ads, and replace them with TikToks that attract the user through emotion.

Now that you are aware of these essential key findings, it would be a great opportunity for you to make use of TikTok and take your business to new heights. In the meantime, check out our TikTok Ad package for some top-notch content!