Who are our Content Creators?

Impactors, Not Influencers

Our content creators are creatives who are carefully selected because they are beautiful, talented, and have a nice way with words or actions, so that makes for really good content.

They are are real, every day, authentic people who have a passion for trying out products, reviewing them and spreading the good word about them. They do it eloquently and creatively.

This means we expect all the content to be 100% real, and most importantly, authentic.

Clean Marketers

Our content creators are exclusive supporters of ethical brands and products, as is our agency. Another thing we have in common is the belief that word-of-mouth makes for the best marketing strategy. No muss, no fuss, no lies or exaggerations, just good old-fashioned endorsements based on merit and actual use.

Passionate & Mindful

We don’t pick just anybody to join our community, instead we pick content creators who have a passion for your products. Our content creators love the brands our ethical agency works with, and includes them in their everyday lifestyle which makes their reviews that much more meaningful and authentic.

Diverse & Unique

We pride ourselves in offering a safe space that celebrates the diversity of all our content creators. We welcome in people from all different walks of life, ethnicities, orientations and with different interests and talents. Just as long as they’re cool, professional, and interested in good products that suit their lifestyles, they can be a part of ours!

Eloquent & Geniune

We cast our content creators based on their skills,talents and how they can reach a community of followers who share their similar interests. Our content creators are eloquent and will review your product in a unique way based on their experience - nothing scripted, all genuine endorsements.

What our creators say

Working with everyone was so easy any questions I had were answered in a timely matter and communication was always there when I needed it blessed to be able to work with the company

Great company with great communication that supplies with work with products that you truly enjoy. The briefs are very easy to follow which makes it easier to creat exactly the content the client is looking for

Hi! I am working on my 2nd collab via UGC Shop and they have been very helpful and responsive! I highly recommend collaborating with brands that the UGC shop is affiliated with 🥰 Thank you Christina and UGC Shop!

The most amazing team to work with always!

I have been working with UGC SHOP since July of 2021. The team at UGC is amazing. They are professional and reliable. I can always count on the products they connect me with to be of the highest quality. Whether you are a creator or company I can guarantee based on my experience with the UGC that you will always have a great experience from start to finish.

I have been working with UGC for two jobs and have no complaints other then I would like more work lol. Anyways they make it so nice and convenient, things are broken down and explained well and the drive folders make it so easy to submit your work. I would highly recommend working with UGC shop if you are not already!

Working with this amazing team has been the best! So professional and patient with their creators I can not thank them enough. It is always a pleasure working The UGC Shop!

I have had such a great experience with the UGC shop! The briefs are always thorough and clear. I always have more than enough time to create the content. Any notes and edits I've gotten have been simple and straight forward. I've enjoyed the projects I've worked on. Christina is great to work with!

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