About Us

We're two lady bosses who come from the affiliate marketing world, and we’ve built an incredible and ethical online brand and marketing agency, so you can say we know a thing or two about running successful direct-response campaigns.

But with years of experience comes years of lessons, and we've learned that:

Even if you have a winning product, sexy angles and proper targeting; without UGC content to build social proof, boost engagement and drive sales, you’ll never hold high ROAs at scale.







Integrating UGC into marketing strategies is an awesome way to skyrocket your margins, but it involves finding reliable and authentic content creators, handling follow-ups and payments, and actually receiving authentic content that fits the vibe you’re looking for. In short, it can go from brilliant to headache in seconds because of how messy the process can be.

At UGC SHOP, your one-stop shop that caters to all your UGC content needs, our aim is to easily source high-quality and authentic reviews, images and videos that are like a genuine recommendation from a friend. So let’s take the “paid ad” aspect out of UGC and get you some real, authentic content from real and authentic content creators.

UGC SHOP started out as an idea, and we now find ourselves with a platform that not only delivers unique content that helps D2C brands make more sales, but is also a concept that we’re genuinely proud of.

We hope you have a great experience working with UGC SHOP and thanks for checking us out!