UGC SHOP is proud to announce its partnership with Green Future Project, a platform that bridges brands to the best climate solutions and gives you the tools you need to help achieve the ultimate goal: reverse the effects of climate change, while preserving the planet for both current and future generations.

In other words, GFP is an innovative platform that allows you to track, trace, and visualize your impact in real-time; the interactive dashboard bridges you to the world’s best climate solutions through a gamified experience where you can learn and engage with the projects you support.

GFP’s projects tackle main problems and offer solutions including restoration, preservation, renewable energy and marine restoration. To know more about their amazing and innovative projects, visit their website: https://greenfutureproject.com/Β 

But how does it work?Β 

To make it simple, GFP is essentially an extension that e-commerce businesses can add to their website. Once added, a percentage of every sale that comes through the store is donated to a restoration or sustainable project.Β 

It is important to note that this whole process is done through subscribing with GFP, which allows you to plug in their extension on their site so that you can see how your contribution to the environment is quantified.

With GFP, impact is made possible, so it is our responsibility as well as yours to make Planet Earth a forever home to all the future generations that await a beautiful and healthy life.

Get in touch with us at hello@ugc-shop.comΒ  to set you up with a Green Future Project representative!