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New Year, New Trends: The 3 Trends That Will Shape TikTok in 2023

2022 was the year of being real on TikTok.ย  Real discussions, real progress, and even the spiking rise of โ€œrealโ€ advertising. You have read us mention User Generated Content (UGC) quite often, and with reason: users trust users when it comes to purchases. But now that the first 2023 week has gone by, what trends will rule TikTok for the next twelve months? TikTok told us, and weโ€™re going to tell you ๐Ÿ˜‰ TikTokโ€™s new importance Do you remember Musical.ly, and how TikTok used to be compared to it?ย  While dancing trends and Vine-like content is still thriving on our...


5 Powerful Hooks to Start Your TikTok Videos

The average time spent on TikTok for regular users is around 45 minutes per day. In those 45 minutes, users can have scrolled past 50, 70, maybe 100 videos before they get to yours. So how can you break the scrolling pattern and make your videos stand out from the flow of content they're surrounded by?


How to Set up a Business TikTok Account in 3 Simple Steps

If you want to make TikTok a part of your marketing strategy, a business account is what you need.ย The business-friendly features will help you analyse how your account is doing and build up a following. Here are 3 simple steps to create your brand's TikTok business account.


TikTok Tips Every Content Creator Must Apply

TikTok is definitely a very fun and engaging platform, however, thinking of it as a marketing and advertising tool is not a bad idea. AT ALL!ย  If you are starting a content creation career, then read on to see the best TikTok practices to improve your content and reach. 1- Adapt to new trends This step is crucial to becoming a famous creator. Trends happen in a heartbeat, so if you are really considering scaling in no time, researching every day is a must. This will help you identify upcoming trends and push you to start creating relevant content as...


Shocking Facts about TikTok UGC Ads you Would Want to Know

Short videos, unlimited trends, catchy ads and addictive-quality content; this is what TikTok is all about. In fact, this platform has gained popularity by providing the viewers with the content they would like to see, with the help of its genius algorithm, which plays an important role in increasing its popularity. However, have you ever thought about what really works on TikTok and what doesn't? Here are some key findings that will help you with your marketing strategy. Key Findings As expected, user-generated TikTok videos have been outperforming Facebook and IG ads. In numbers, these videos recorded 22% higher than...