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If you’re looking for TikToks, videos ads, or creatives for your campaigns, then you’re in the right place!

  • We cast creators from within our community
  • We work with the creators to come up with original concepts
  • We send you the content in 7-10 business days

Why every e-commerce brand
NEEDS user-generated content!

Higher 6s
view-through rate
Higher ad recall
Higher engagement rate
original audio for ads

As the saying goes, "To each their own", and to each platform its own requirements

Whether you are setting up a store on Shopify, a listing on Amazon or running ads on TikTok, we create content tailored to the required measurements of each post so you avoid all this headache

A glimpse of our clients

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How it works

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Client testimonials

I own a finance, accounting, and HR consulting firm that focuses on helping entrepreneurs to build a solid infrastructure. It has been very challenging to explain in less than 1 minute what we do, but the UGC shop created awesome footage for my company. It is very entertaining, and clear on the message. I would def recommend them if you own a service company like mine!

Tracy and her team are superstars. We've been working with them for a long time now, the content/output is always spot on, very rarely do we need any tweaks, they just get the market so well.

UGC shop is fast acting, professional, creative, diverse...truly everything you could ask for from a UGC content creation company! They provided me with a ton of options to choose from, and the content I received was on-brand and within my specifications. I used my content for digital ads and it converted really well! Highly recommend this team!

Thank you for the pro collaboration. It was great to work with Anna and the UGC team Our content was delivered on schedule, it's very good quality and performing well on our ads!

Great team with great ideas. Lots of fundamental understanding of how online ecosystem works. Always stay up to date on the latest and greatest practices on how to best leverage your business on the internet through social means.

UGC Shop are true pros! We've been using them for several of our brands - the process is very streamlined, the content is top-notch and they adjust quickly based on performance data of our ads and social channels. Highly recommend!

Any time we need UGC videos for our social campaigns UGC Shop is our go to agency. You don’t need to explain anything, these guys know their stuff. We have been working together for couple of months already. And the best part? Their videos bring sales! 😊

The content delivered by the UGC Shop team was up to the standards and I will definitely be coming back for more. The delivery was fast and the product matched my expectations, nothing else to say.

Why work with us?

Anna Victoria
1Available in different time zones 2Proficient in 5 languages 3Physical Studio based in Montreal, but our creators are all over the world 4Live chat 24/7 5Quick production turnaround

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