Why You NEED TikTok to Make your Business go Viral

TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms, has quickly become an exceptional advertising tool that has exceeded all expectations.Β 

Having over 1 BILLION active users a month, the exposure you get is next level!

Now, you might think that it is too late to enter the market and crush it with your business, but it truly is never too late to jump in! And here is why, every business SHOULD be using this platform:

1- Exposure

As already mentioned, the exposure that this platform offers is undeniable. Thanks to its algorithm and creativity, TikTok will increase your brand awareness and get you an audience you will forever dream of. However, to every business owner out there, magic doesn't just happen overnight; with consistency, and valuable content, you will surely be able to reach the right audience you wish to target.

2- Creativity

TikTok allows you to maximize your creative potential by giving you the possibility to shoot, adjust clips, customize audio, and apply effects and filters, all within the app.

Also, it is way ahead of most social media platforms out there, for it listens to its users and their feedback; when the user likes a certain feature, the team works on improving and enhancing it. However, whenever a newly released feature receives negative feedback, they make sure to fix it ASAP! Simple yet genius, right?


3- Trends

Don’t have much time to research and follow up on all trends? TikTok understands that very well.Β 

Its functional algorithm shows the user trending videos relevant to their interests, making it easy to create content that is related to their brand/ industry.

In addition to that, trends on the Explore page are released on the daily, which give marketers endless options to juggle and have fun with.Β 

It is also important to note that the immense traffic that TikTok offers is cheaper than that other platforms, such as Facebook, where constant changes are causing advertising costs to go up.

Therefore, for obvious reasons, make TikToks and not ads!


4- Tips and Tricks to dive right into the game

  • Set your goals straight- determine your audience, increase brand awareness, sales and reach.
  • Be consistent- consistency is key to everything, but especially to a successful TikTok account.
  • Share informative and valuable information- obviously!

Bottom-line: TikTok is a rising platform that you should really consider incorporating into your marketing strategy because not only will it give you immense exposure and reach, but it will also enhance your creativity and increase your sales.