What is UGC? (And Why You Should Be Using It)

Join the Marketing Revolution with this genius strategy!

Everyone has been talking about user-generated content (or UGC) lately, especially with the pandemic shutting down many opportunities for fancy campaigns and ornate marketing strategies. UGC has stolen the show because it’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s HONEST, giving your brand and product lots of credibility while building a loyal fanbase and strong following.

So, why else should you be using UGC? Let’s let the numbers talk 😏

➡️ Ads based on UGC receive 4x higher CTRs (clickthrough rates)and a 50% drop in CPR compared to average ads, making them more affordable and more effective than traditional advertising

➡️ Brands saw over a 50% conversion rate for visitors to pages featuring UGC

➡️ 64% of customers will not only strongly consider online reviews but they also actively seek them out before committing to an online purchase

➡️ UGC marketing has been reported as 76% more trustworthy than traditional advertising. 

UGC is your best bet when it comes to gaining your followers’ trust, which is why it’s considered gold in today’s digital marketing industry.  Z and Millennial generations have been responding to it more so than other forms of marketing, because in a world of uncertainty, the current trend is transparency and mindfulness - what better way to know a brand is worth buying into than to see a community of like minded people enjoying it for themselves?

It’s also a fair playing field for big and small companies alike. But the three golden rules apply when using UGC in your marketing strategy and you should always abide by them: give credit, ask your followers for permission, and don’t edit. 

Looking for organic UGC? Studies have shown that most UGC comes in the form of an Instagram Story, so get to researching! When customers tag you in their stories you can easily share that story thanks to the mention, but make sure to ask the customer’s consent first to cover all your bases and avoid future conflict. 

If you’re in the market for top-notch UGC made by a community of content creators who are professional and passionate about what they do, visit our UGC Shop and select the type of content you’re looking for. We’ll get it sorted for you right away. ;)

Good luck, and happy scrolling! 😊