3 Reasons Why Digital Transformation is Vital in Marketing and Sales

As a digital marketer, I can assure you that aligning internal organizations in marketing and sales can definitely be a hassle. However, if done effectively and efficiently, the shift can really pay off. Fortunately, this is where digital transformation comes in handy, as it is not only vital for prosperous marketing and sales alignment, but it should be no-brainer in today’s world.

Digital transformation means better customer insights

In last month’s presentation of Chris Parkin, Senior Director at Adobe, entitled “Redefining the Future with Digital Transformation”, he made sure to clarify how digital transformation gives us a deeper understanding of the customer through identifying specific customers and audience segments, understanding their behavior, and anticipating their actions. In return, this helps us collect data to come up with actionable points and improve customer outcomes.

In other words, digital transformation allows us to track the customer journey, from studying patterns to making predictions, which will surely help any marketer in building website/digital sales funnels and email marketing campaigns, as well as in setting strategies that lead to conversions.

Digital transformation means creating new ways of working

There is no doubt that when it comes to marketing and sales alignment, remote collaboration is extremely necessary. In fact, corporations that are able to function online have a higher communication rate when the usual in-person, informal channels are unavailable.

Also, thanks to digital transformation, less information slips, accountability is more difficult to run from, and unified systems and tools ensure everyone is on the same page. 


Digital transformation means accurate content delivery

With all the limitations our world has been facing, one can say that personalized and relevant content can either attract a prospect or customer or turn them away, and this accounts for all stages of the customer journey.

This is why, digital tools exist, to help marketing and sales teams keep tabs on the content that has been shared with prospects and customers. In addition to that, they help establish clear next steps, answer questions in a convenient way, and provide extraordinary service even pre-purchase.


Digital transformation is definitely not new. Nevertheless, life in the fast lane has forced us to accelerate the process in the most unexpected ways possible. However, we should not fear the change, as it helps us accomplish many goals, especially when it comes to marketing and sales alignment.