Want to Kill it at BFCM? User-Generated Content is the Answer!

If you play your marketing and advertising cards right this BFCM, it could have a huge impact on your sales. A smart way to do that would be adding user-generated content to your marketing campaign rather than sharing these typical boring posts that the shopper got used to over the years.

This is why, we would like to help you get yourself prepared ahead of time.ย 


  • Convert high traffic into high conversions

As you might know, COVID-19 has changed the whole marketing and advertising model. In fact, according to Adobe Analytics, online spending has increased by 19.6% on the last Black Friday, amounting to a total of 7.4 billion dollars. In addition to that, there has been a decrease of 6.2% in physical visits to stores, which means that shoppers are getting used to the online shopping experience.ย 

This is why, attracting the shopper this year, in which weโ€™ve seen an online shopping revolution, as the COVID-19 outbreak pushed the world online, is a must. Lucky for you, UGC is a high-converting technology that will do the trick for you!


  • Helps the customer make the final decision by providing social proof
  • Creates a more engaging shopping experience with visual reviews from previous buyers
  • Provides the customer with realistic examples on how to use your productย 
  • Provides the customer with most importantly authentic and genuine content they can relate to

The benefits of incorporating user-generated content into your BFCM campaign can really be seen in numbers. With an average of 15% increase in conversion rates across all industries, UGC can help brands feel safe and skyrocket their sales all at once.


  • Inject your eCommerce with UGC now and thank us later

Lucky for you, you still have time to be on your A game, which means now is the right time to work on inspiring your customers with authentic UGC. And trust us, you should do that.

For instance, KARL LEGERFELD, connects with his customers via UGC as his homepage is filled with authentic and catchy lifestyle UGC images.

This not only gives the customer an idea of how the product would look like in actual life, but it definitely pushes them to want it even more. Smart move, Karl!

In conclusion, user-generated content is a great way to attract customers, and you, business owners, surely need this strategy to up your BFCM game. So, think wisely and make the right decision by incorporating UGC into your campaigns. And do not forget, UGC SHOP always got your back!