5 Must-Haves Every Content Creator Needs

Being a content creator is a full-time job that not only requires long hours of brainstorming, effort and creativity, but it also comes with the hassle of buying the right equipment to shoot some cool content. However, purchasing the tools that you truly need to deliver content of high quality is not as easy as it sounds. 

Luckily, we have an outstanding community of content creators who were happy to share their favourite tools that always come in handy.

1- Camera

The real deal! There is no content without a camera, or nowadays, a phone. Truth be told, buying a camera is an investment that will prove useful once your online presence kicks off. Nevertheless, carrying this tool around all the time can sometimes be a hassle. That’s why, most creators now use their phones to deliver content, and guess what, it works! 

From the Iphone 13 PRO Max to the SAMSUNG S21, the outcome is pretty much the same.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that actual cameras can sometimes be irreplaceable, but it really depends on the type of content you shoot. For instance, content creators who shoot outdoors are most likely to prefer cameras. 

Here are our content creators’ favs:

2- Microphone

Some people think that a microphone is a minor detail when creating content, but let us ask you this: you could definitely go on and finish a video with some visual issues, but could you do the same if it had audio issues? Never. 

This being said, microphones are super important. 

Check out these:

3- Light Ring

Yes, shooting when natural light is all around is every content creator’s dream. Sadly, it is not always the case. This is why, light rings, which were ones used by professional photographers and videographers only, have now become the new “trend”; and they are highly recommended.

Light rings enable you to adjust the color temperature depending on your skin tone, which makes them ideal when shooting makeup tutorials. Also, whether you are making use of them in the shade, the sun, or with indoor light, you can adjust it to make the lighting look natural.

4- Tripod/ Selfie Stick/ Gooseneck Phone Holder Mount

What to do when no one is around and you’ve got content to deliver? You make use of the tools above when shooting flat-lay content. 

There is nothing much to explain here, you definitely got the point.

5- Reflector

Believe it or not, lighting is a major factor when it comes to content creation. With this in mind, reflectors are one of the most underrated tools that each and every content creator MUST have! For instance, the Collapsible reflector, which is available on Amazon, is very efficient, as well as user and travel friendly.

That’s pretty much it! These are the 5 main content creator tools that you should have if you’re considering starting a career in this field. There are definitely many more professional tools that one can purchase. However, get these as a start and start growing this never-ending family, one tool at a time.