Using GIFs to Increase Conversions: Why and How?

When strategizing, marketers usually have one goal in mind: to create conversions. 

As you might know, some marketing tools are not just fun to use, but they also give your audience an idea of your business and why they should work with you. Believe it or not, GIFs are one of them. 

Here is why:

GIFs deliver the message in a fun and quirky way

To grab your audience’s attention to a cause or value your company believes in, it is much more efficient and aesthetically pleasing to use a GIF rather than a static image or huge text. This way, if a potential customer’s values align with yours, and the GIF grabs their attention, they may be more likely to click on it to learn more about you and what you do.

GIFs are simpler than video, better than images

Needless to say, visual communication has been the most important strategy in marketing and advertising for quite some time now. 

In fact, images are more noticeable than text, and videos usually draw the eye better than images.

Unfortunately, creating videos can be quite expensive. However, GIFs are easy to produce and can mostly be found for free!


GIFs convey the message in a short time

Not only do GIFs communicate a lot in a short period of time, but they loop in case you missed it the first time. Genius, right?!

Now that we have tackled the “why”, the main question that remains is: HOW to use GIFs properly in order to increase conversions?

  • Create branded GIFs

  • GIFs can get quite repetitive. However, you are not limited to those you see online. In fact, you can create your own that leave a positive impact on your audience and keep them up to date with what you are doing.

    An easy tool you can use is GIPHY, which allows you to create GIFs and add captions, filters, stickers, and much more. Actually, most of the GIFs you see while scrolling are made using this tool. 

  • Show your brand identity

  • It is extremely important to show your brand identity, as it is what differentiates you from your competitors. Whether it is an atypical office policy that your company adopts, a unique product or service that it offers, or an unconventional team strategy it has, SHOW IT OFF, because humanizing your brand will give it more credibility and attention.

  • Introduce your team or a new product

  • Consumers usually prefer working with small businesses, for they usually have few employees that they get to meet, whether online or in person. This is why, it is vital to introduce not only the CEO, but also everyone on the team who gets the job done.

    Just imagine how successful a GIF of the team celebrating a holiday or a birthday at the office can turn out to be. Now, add the perfect caption and CTA and TA-DA! You’ve got yourself a kick-ass marketing strategy!

    Also, introducing a new product through a GIF can be really efficient. For instance, if you work in the fashion industry, you can create a GIF of someone smiling while trying out an outfit. Now add a caption and a promo code, and expect a good number of conversions out of that.

    In short, using GIFs across social media platforms, especially on IG stories, is a smart marketing tool that a lot of marketers underestimate. The consumer is used to seeing images, texts, or videos alone. However, GIFs combine all 3 in a fun and short way, which leads to brand awareness and, probably, conversions. So, next time you want to boost your sales, make sure to try out this new strategy!