Regram Etiquette: the Do’s and Don’ts of Reposting and Resharing Social Media Posts

We’ve all hesitated when it comes to reposting content onto our social media feed. Whether you’re picking a regram to complement your color grid or you’re just resharing articles, accounts campaigns and anything else that you find inspiring, even the most seasoned of social media experts can make mistakes. Just remember that there’s always something new to learn when it comes to social media etiquette and posting practices! 😊

With many brands reposting UGC content, it might be hard to find the content’s original source unless you requested it yourself. Just follow these cardinal rules and you’ll be okay! 

✔️ Give Credit 

 Make sure to use photo tags and include the account handle in your caption. A simple mention in a story can go a long way!

✔️ Ask Permission

If someone were to borrow something from you, you would expect them to ask, right? Apply the same rule to any images you find on social media. Reach out to the account with a quick message complimenting their feed and asking if you can repost their content to your Grid while crediting them appropriately, of course. It the proper credits. Not only does it keep you in the clear, but it also opens a dialogue to give your direct appreciation!

✔️ Don’t Edit 

Never EVER alter an image from someone else’s account to fit your color palette’s aesthetic. This is considered disrespectful and it also erases the creator’s original vision! Remember that resharing is a way to celebrate other people’s creativity and brilliance, not pass them off as your own. 

Now, go find some thumb-stopping content to add to your feed!

Just remember to do it mindfully and with kindness, and show appreciation to those whose content you choose to reshare ❤️