Save Your Content, Save Yourself! How to Keep Calm and Keep Posting when Social Media Gets to be Too Much

Instagram is overflowing with content, thanks to its 1 billion active monthly users and constant updates. Their introduction of Instagram Reels has also added an even bigger library of content to repost! 😲

Take advantage of the app’s saving feature to keep track of the image or post you like to save yourself the stress and trouble of taking note of the account and searching for it all over again.  

Here are a few tips on how to keep track of the regram content you save so that you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy 👇🏽

How to Save: 

✅ Tap the bookmark icon on the post you want to save

✅ To find a post you already saved, go to your profile and tap the gear icon (three lines) in the upper right corner, then tap the tab that says “saved” with a bookmark icon next to it

✅ Once you find your saved posts, find the general folder called “all posts” this is all the posts you’ve accumulated while saving 

Pro Tip: Make a content folder

Want to make your life a little easier? Add your saved posts to a collection folder created and curated by you (or your social media management team). Collection folders are a feature that act similarly to Pinterest, allowing you to map out the type of content you’re searching for and saving. Don’t forget to appropriately name your collections to keep the images from blurring together. 

How to make a folder

✅ To add individual posts to their own collection folders, tap the ‘+’ sign in the upper right corner, then name the folder

✅ Once you create your folders, start sorting through and adding each post to its respective collection

And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Social media is the perfect opportunity to showcase your fabulous self, your brand, your creativity and uniqueness. So get to researching, and remember - that’s the best part!

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Happy scrolling! 📲