Why you should work with a content creation agency that focuses on UGC

The game keeps changing when it comes to effective marketing practices. Trends go from hot to not overnight, and what once brought in plenty of results has since lost its value. But the market has found something that really works, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - trust us on this. 

Why should I choose UGC content?

We know - we’re always talking about how UGC is a killer way to see results and fast. And how could it not be? The social proof is in the pudding. Here are some stats to back it up.

  • 70% of consumers say they can easily identify if content was created by a brand or a person
  • Customers are almost 10x more likely to buy from a real review over an influencer’s paid ad
  • 51% of consumers say they’re likely to follow a brand if their photos and videos are reshared and liked


Why should I use an agency instead of finding my own?

Your resources might be limited when sourcing your own UGC, especially if you’re a newer brand. If you’re more established and people have been using and endorsing your brand for a while it could be easy, but you could run into all sorts of problems in terms of time and financial management, quality control, sending products and other logistics that come together to make a project run seamlessly. 

How does UGC Shop help?

We take care of everything for you from A-Z. From sourcing content creators who will truly appreciate your product to handling their payments and the delivery logistics, plus touching up visuals and editing more professional projects. We also make sure what they send you looks good, although we have to stress that the more authentic the content, the better. 

How involved do I have to be in finding UGC?

We have an amazing, global team which means that you’ll likely be paired with a dedicated account manager in your time zone who will ensure all content creators you get matched with really suit your brand. We aren’t just going to give you random people who have nothing to do with your market, and we will be available to hold your hand through the process. (In fact, you won’t have to lift a finger!)

How can I get UGC?

It’s super easy to find great UGC when working with us. All you have to do is choose your ideal plan, which you can see in detail on our website. With that, you’ll get fresh content delivered on a recurring basis every month you’re signed up with us. You can also schedule a call with us to find out more if you’d like to learn more about our process and the results UGC can bring.