The TikTok Spark Ads Guide for Creators and Businesses - Everything You Need to Know

TikTok Spark Ads have been around since 2021, and they’re one of the best ways to leverage the app’s marketing power… But do you know how?

Whether you’re a business or a creator, we’re going to break the process down for you—and throw in a few tips that will help you make the most out of the ads. 

Let’s get cracking.

(Pss: Stick around until the end to know exactly how to find Spark Ads partnerships.)

What are Spark Ads? 

Spark Ads are TikTok’s brilliant way to combine the power of native content, user reach, and brand messaging. 

Spark Ads are similar to other TikTok Ads, such as the Catalog Listing Ads, in that they draw their power from UGC. However, there is one critical difference that sets them apart: with Spark Ads, the content is hosted on the creator’s platform, but marketed and managed by the business.

The creator will post the video on their own account, hence using their reach power to get the ad started, and the business will label it as an ad for them, so will be able to add CTAs and view analytics from their own TikTok Business Partner account.

Sounds complicated? We’re here to make it simple.

How do Spark Ads work?

Spark Ads are really all about collaboration, and both the creator and the business play an active part in setting the app up.

Our pro advice: make sure everything is discussed beforehand and that both parties agree to everything involved in the ad! This includes captions and hashtags, but also how long the campaign will last.

Let’s make sense out of all of this.

What do you need to start making Spark Ads?

Creators, you will need a TikTok account with over 5k followers and enabled ad authorization. From your account tab, go to Settings and Privacy, then Privacy, and make sure the Ad Authorization toggle is turned on.

Businesses, you will need to link your business account to a TikTok Ads Manager account if that’s not done yet.  

What content should you prepare for Spark Ads?


Consumers trust fellow users, so creating genuine and relatable content is the way to go to create performant Spark Ads. Businesses, work with creators that represent your audience demographics, and creators, turn your charisma on to full power!

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Also think about captions and tags! Once the business takes ownership of a Spark Ad, they can edit the CTA, but not the caption and hashtags, so make sure to agree on what both of these should say before the creator posts the video!

How does a video become a Spark Ad?

Once the creator has posted the video on their profile, what makes it become a Spark Ad?

Here’s a tutorial (because we all find tutorials easier):


Why you need Spark Ads as a business 

TikTok already allows you to push your own ads from your own account, so why should you work in partnership with a creator?

Here are four reasons why:

  1. TikTok users trust TikTok users. Hosting your ad on a user’s profile instead of a business’s profile gives it more credibility among your audience.
  2. Creators have reach. Hosting your ad on a creator’s profile will introduce your profile to a new audience!
  3. Think about the organic power of native content. While Spark Ads are advertisement, the statistics of the video itself count as organic content. This means the algorithm will treat it as such and heighten its chances of going viral!
  4. You’re still in control. While the ad is hosted on the creator’s profile, you are still in control of everything, from approving the content to choosing how long the ad will run for.

Why you need to make Spark Ads as a creator 

Here are four good reasons why you should jump on the train and create Spark Ads as a creator:

  1. It’s easy to make. If you’re already creating UGC, you’re ready to transform your into Spark Ads! There isn’t any difference.
  2. It can help you grow your following. You’re showing your account to a new audience: the business’s! They will know you’re in tune with their preferences and possibly follow you.
  3. You become more recognizable to brands and businesses. Once you create Spark Ads once, it’s much easier to get more projects with other businesses! They look for experienced creators who can help them make the process as smooth as possible.
  4. It pays more than just UGC. You’re not only selling a video when you create Spark Ads, you’re also selling your reach and hosting the ad on your account! Obviously, the fees are higher.

How to get started with finding Spark Ads partnerships

If you have no idea how to get started, what content to produce, or where to find a creator/brand to work with, we’re here to help!

Creators, sign up to become part of our community. We’ve adapted our application form so you can let us know if you’re interested in creating Spark Ads! We will contact you as soon as we get a project that matches your profile. 

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You can also join our Facebook Creator Community where we post opportunities and exclusive content to help you become an expert at UGC.

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