3 Interesting Facts About TikTok and the Winter Holidays

Can you hear the bells ringing?

TikTok users sure can! 68% of TikTok users start shopping weeks before the winter holidays. And think about how many holidays there are! Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas…

So what does that mean for your brand?

1. TikTok is THE place to become relatable to your customers

According to a research done by TikTok itself, “82% of users report feeling positively about the holidays.”

So that’s amazing, isn’t it?

Add to that that users on TikTok are also 20% more likely to purchase their holiday gifts online than any other social media users, and you have the perfect reason why you should make your presence evident on TikTok this December.

We don’t know about you, but our For You Page is already starting to show winter holiday content. Gifts, decorations, jolly songs and crazy sweaters…

And tell you what: none of them are ads.

That’s right: there’s a lot of holiday content going around, but most of it is that: content. Not ads!

Now why is this so important?

According to the same study by TikTok, “80% of users want brands to inspire them to do something new.”

You can prepare the field for your winter holiday campaigns, but now is the time to put your audience in the mood. Participate in the creation of the cozy feeling that comes with the end-of-year holidays.

Create your own challenges, post memes, join in trends. Defrost your inner Mariah Carey!

Here’s some ideas for content that will do well this winter season:

  • Fashion videos - stylish or parody!
  • Office decorating (with a great transition from bare to extra-Christmassy!)
  • Crazy group games
  • An advent calendar series (daily quotes, team members introduction, fun facts about your business or industry, etc.)

Share content for the sole purpose of entertaining your audience and contribute to the happy atmosphere!

(It will get everyone in the mood for holiday shopping.)

2. Customers are turning to online shopping more than ever

Users are planning to go on a shopping spree this year: 2 out of 3 TikTokers plan to shop online. If you think of the over 31 million daily active users… 

TikTokers plan to spend more than $200 on gifts this year, which means a 9% increase from what they spent last year.

So… After you’ve rolled out some festive content, it’s perfectly fine to get going with marketing campaigns. After all, we are talking business to business here.

New features like the recently launched TikTok Shopping Ads might help you boost your sales. You should also try to incorporate.

You should also adapt your brand to reflect the holidays. In fact, check out a guide we’ve written about this on the Kitschy blog: 8 Tips to Create the Perfect 2022 Holiday Marketing Campaign

If customers are planning on buying more this year, you have to be ready to invite as many as you can to discover your products… And get their gifts from your Santa factory.

3. TikTok made me buy it…

… Is super strong during the holidays!

67% of TikTok users participate in holiday shopping events. (You guessed it, this is another fact from a TikTok research.) 

Actually, TikTok users are 1.4x more likely to buy a product they saw on TikTok than the other platforms users would be for products they see on other platforms.

Just dropping an idea here: have you seen videos from the “TikTok made me buy it” trend? It’s been going on for a while, and is still strong now!

With the arrival of catalog ads (you can read a reminder of what they are in this post), there have been more and more user-generated videos centered around simply showing off products (mostly fashion, but this can apply to any product) with the products linked on the video.

So why not try something like this for your own products? This is definitely the best season to try it out!

So… What now?

Time to churn out some quality holiday content! If you want some more inspiration, try browsing these hashtags on TikTok:

  • Christmastok
  • Gifttok
  • Christmas2022
  • Christmasbaking
  • Christmastrends
  • Wintertok
  • Christmascountdown

And here are some ideas of content types:

  • Dance trends 
  • Duets
  • Holiday song challenges
  • Team challenges
  • UGC

(Pss, we can help with the last one! Contact us about it and we’ll set up something fabulous.)