How to Create Effective CTAs for Your UGC Videos

Calls to Action (CTAs) are one of the most important parts of a marketing message. 

Customers like when brands tell them exactly how to get the most from their interaction, and CTAs are the arrows that point them in the right direction. 

To create successful UGC and have greater chances of doing more collabs with the brand, you need to include solid CTAs at the end of your videos.

But what if you’re not sure how to do that? Well, this is the guide for you.

The importance of CTAs

Your CTA is the last thing the user will hear from your video, and the first thing they should be compelled to do after listening to you.

CTAs help give users a clear idea of what their next steps are, and they are one of the crucial marketing tools in UGC.

We have created some content to help you out with improving your UGC skills, such as this post on how to create hooks and these graphics on how to write a good script:



Now it’s time to give CTAs the attention they deserve.


How to create an effective CTA 

Here are the steps to take to make sure you add the best possible CTA to your video:

Step 1: Focus on the campaign’s objective. If the brand’s objective with your content is to attract more traffic to their general website, the CTA can’t be the same as if the goal was to directly drive sales up.

Step 2: Write down the most important keyword(s) of the CTA. This will help you a) make sure you put the campaign’s objective into focus, and b) have a strong core to your CTA.

Step 3: Think outside the box! How many creative ways are they to say “buy this”? For example, you could say “if you want to feel as good as I do, X product is for you!” Add up to the main keyword and bring in some originality.

Step 4: Come up with several options. It’s always good to have a pool to pick from to match the rest of your message.

Step 5: Review the CTA to make sure you have used power words and an active voice. Avoid the “I suggest”, “maybe”, and “this can be bought”, and instead go for “highly recommended”, “you have to”, and “get it!”

Step 6: Record the CTA in an energetic voice! The more upbeat and genuine you sound, the more convincing you will seem to anyone watching your video. Let them leave you on a high note!

12 Examples of good CTAs to use in your videos 

Because CTAs vary from campaign to campaign, we have prepared a varied list of examples for you and have divided it by topics. Here are 12 CTA examples to get inspiration from:

Encourage to subscribe or follow (social media channels or newsletters)

  • If you want to see more tutorials/content/products like these, follow [brand name]!
  • The best place you can find content like this is [brand’s platform], so make sure to subscribe!
  • Don’t miss out on more content like this and subscribe to [brand’s platform] right now!

Invite to download an app 

  • I dare you to download the app and do better than me!
  • I can guarantee this app will become your best friend!
  • Get the app now and be ready to use your phone mostly for it!

Suggest to visit a website 

  • Go to [website] to find out more about their crazy deals!
  • Look up [website] if you don’t believe me!
  • And now you can’t wait to visit [website]! That’s exactly how I felt. Go browse the [options] now!

Convince to buy a product

  • Get your own [product] now, and thank me later!
  • See you on [website] to get our [product] together!
  • Once you get your [product], you’ll never look back!


A couple of reminders about creating successful CTAs

Here are a couple of good things to keep in mind as you work on perfecting your CTA-crafting skills:

  • UGC CTAs shouldn’t sound too sales-y. Users like UGC because they find content produced by fellow users relatable. If you sound like your only aim is promoting a product instead of giving your genuine opinion, your video will be less powerful.
  • Make CTAs personal, for the same reason we mentioned just above.
  • Support your vocal CTA with a written one! This makes your videos more accessible and adds one more layer of stimulation to your message.
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